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Made using pure lab-tested Delta-9 THC and the highest quality, premium CBD on the market, OneStop is here to make sure you get the best bang for your buck with 500mg THC packages divided into 10 delicious 50mg THC gummies, 500mg CBD packages divided into 10 delicious 50mg CBD gummies, and 1:1 250mg packages divided into 10 delicious gummies containing 25mg of THC and 25mg of CBD. With OneStop, you can move right past the holistic premium price tag and get straight to having a blast.


OneStop THC gummies are available in sour flavours Pineapple, Very Cherry, Peach Lemonade, Cherry Lime, and Green Apple, as well as a variety pack, which will include 2 pieces of each THC sour flavours. OneStop CBD gummies are available in flavours Mango and Açai Berry. OneStop 1:1 gummies are available in Watermelon and Tutti Frutti flavours.

Skip the premium you pay for the health and wellness connotation of more costly edible brands, and head straight to OneStop. It’s as simple as a trip to your local Bodega.