If you want to buy weed online, The Wellness Temple is your go-to choice. We offer a wide variety of premium medical marijuana strains grown in beautiful British Columbia by some of the industry’s leading grow experts. Whether you’re looking for indica, hybrid, or sativa strains, we’ve got what you need. Buy weed online today and have it shipped straight to your doorstep with fast and discreet mail order delivery.

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Girl Scout Cookies (AAA) On Sale For a Limited Time

$200.00 $109.00

Blue Monster (AAA)


Chocolope (AAA)


Gorilla Pepper (AAA+)


Tom Ford Pink Kush – Small Nugs – Only 5 Available

$200.00 $119.00

White Rhino (AAAA)


Trainwreck (AAA)


Rockstar (AAA)


Black Diamond (AA+) Only 5 Available – Huge Price Reduction

$220.00 $109.00

Lemon Sour Diesel (AAA)


Wedding Cake (AAA) Huge Price Reduction – On Sale For a Limited Time

$190.00 $135.00

Wedding Cake (AAA) Limited Supply